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  • Cleopatra's secret weapon

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    Update time : 2017-10-30 15:29:16
    I’m sure most of you have seen the classic movie Cleopatra,she is widely known for being a beautiful,wise,charismatic queen of Egypt.Depending on extraordinary glamour and intelligence,Cleopatra had ruled Egypt for decades.The two commander in chief of ancient Rome,powerful enemy Caesar and Anthony, were all fascinated with Cleopatra,and she won 22 years' peace for weak Egypt.

    According to historical records,Cleopatra’s body had unique aroma and in her 40s,she even kept appearance and figure just as her 20s.Do you know why? It was due to her’’secret weapon’’,a mysterious and precious skin care product—essential oil.Maybe you have heard or seen it in some place,but still know less about it.Don’t worry,I’ll tell you more right now.        
    An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants.These naturally occurring,volatile aromatic compounds are found in the flowers,leaves,roots,stems,and other parts of  plants.It is said that one ounce rose essential oil made by ten thousands of roses,so this 'essence' of a plant is very precious.Essential oil has a long history.Five thousand years ago,essential oil had been extracted by the ancient egyptians and used for treatment,sacrifice,even as a preservative of mummy.In the pyramid,People had found containers of spices and the essential oil formula graved on stone tablet.During the crusades period,essential oil and distillation technology was spread all around the world through Arabia.
    There are three kinds of essential oil:single essential oil,base oil and compound essential oil.Single essential oil extracts essential ingredient from intact or parts of plant,they usually named by their corresponding plant like rose essential oil,lavender essential oil,tea tree essential oil etc.Base oil is 100% pure plant oil extracted from plants,which directly processed through freezing press.Compound essential oils are single essential oils add base oil,it is made by a combination of 3-5 kinds of single essential oils according to a certain proportion, which often named by its efficacy.

    In our daily life,essential oils are often used for aromatherapy and skin care.The aromatherapy oil has the effect on improving anxiety and depressive emotion.How to use it:First,you need to prepare a diffuser,and then add 3-5 drops of essential oil into it. When the aroma fully spread to the air,you may have an excellent feeling.A natural way to create a healthier skin care is through essential oils.Comparing with other skin care products,essential oil has incomparable osmosis and efficacy as its molecules is very small,it seems that essential oils are easily absorbed and penetrated into the skin,so it is known as the hormone of plants.When you are bathing,adding some essential oils are no doubt a good choice.With water vapor evaporating,the essential oil can be absorbed by skin very fast.If you want to improve skin problems,you’d better dot some essential oil to problem skin,which will present a good effect.Different essential oils have different effects.For example,tea tree essential oil has good acne and sterilization effect,lavender essential oil has the effect on insomnia,and geranium essential oil can help you balance oil secretion etc.
    The quality of essential oil mainly up to two points:plant itself and extraction technology. The former is easy to understand,the essential oils which extracted from famous plants like lavender of Provence, Bulgarian rose and Sandalwood of east India, these kinds of essential oils are definitely have high quality.Next we will focus on extraction technology.Nowadays,mainly extraction method is distillation, there are also other methods like grease absorption, soaking and expression etc,but the most advanced extraction method is supercritical CO2 extraction. The principle of supercritical CO2 extraction is to extract the aromatic molecules of plants by using the liquid state under high pressure,then vaporize CO2 through changing the pressure,and finally extract the essential oil we want.Comparing with distillation, supercritical CO2 extraction can not destroy molecular structure of the plants and take just several minutes to complete the whole process,while distillation need at least an hour.Due to the lower temperature,the extracted essential oil is more natural,and the aroma is more wonderful.
    Great news: LPMIE (Liaoyang Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd) launches a new product─Herbal and Natural Essential Oil Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction Machine.This machine adopts the international most advanced techniques,which can extract not only all kinds of essential oils,vegetable oils,but also high value product like propolis,astaxanthin and so on. For more details,click the picture below,and get to the home page.