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  • The magic candy is popular around the world ―Chocolate

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    Update time : 2017-09-27 09:55:26

    Mexico is the brith place of chocolate. Mexicans added spices like suger, vanilla to cocoa, they invented a sweet and delicious candy―chocolate in the 14-th century. Afterwards, chocolate was introduced to Europe, while after improved  by europeans, it became more delectable. Since then,Europe has become the world's biggest exporter of chocolate.

    Chocolate came to China 300 years ago, and are you curious about who ate the first  piece of chocolate in China?

    In 1706, a Roman’s missionary Doro came to China. At that time, the Emperor Kangxi was very interested in western culture, so he arranged for Doro to live in the Imperial palace, and he often asked Doro about the customs of western countries. Doro brought many funny gift to the Emperor, which has a beautiful box filled with 150 pieces chocolate, and the Emperor kangxi tasted the first piece of chocolate in China.

    The chocolate tastes great. When it melts in the mouth, the wonderful feeling is spread... In many people's memory, the delicious taste of chocolate as the feeling of happiness People love the taste of chocolate, even perception of life through its delicacy. Nowadays, people love to share their good wishes and feelings with their families, friends or lover by giving chocolate. Although cultures vary from country to country, chocolate is the icing on the cake to some special holidays. Because of the chocolate, holidays become more romantic.

      On valentine's day, lovers express their sweet  love  by giving chocolate to  each other,  Japanese  called honmei-choco. On Christmas  Eve,French    like to sitaround their fireplace and  enjoy the    chocolate cake with their families to  celebrate "le  reveillon" dinner. When  india’s“Festival of  Light”coming,Indians give  their friends and  relatives chocolate traps suger to celebrate their  most important festival.In the 18th century, Germans brought chocolate  rabbit games and Easter into the United States. Today, chocolate has become the most popular food of Easter all around the world. 
    As you like, a variety of chocolate can be found in the world,like  milk, nuts ,rum or other flavors.While, to attract eye-balls, chocolate is made into various shapes, such as shells, flowers, balloons, etc. At present, gold coin chocolate is very popular in the world,it‘s not only pretty and light ,but also can express people's good wishes to become richer.

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