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  • NJPS-800 Hard Capsule Glue Sealing Machine

    Item No.: LPMIE234
    The machine can seal the joint parts of cap and body of hard capsule, it can realize the air-proof of hard capsule and protect the medicine characters.
    In international market, hard capsule sealing technology mainly applies to high-end products of European and American pharmaceutical enterprises. Sealing of hard capsule is completed basically through preheating and self-sealing. Uncertainty will also exist for intervention of drug properties inside capsule in process of preheating because it has certain limitation to capsule material itself. Therefore, its applicable range is narrow and it cannot meet differentiation demands for pharmaceutical enterprises. Our company relies on our own many years' accumulation of technologies to independently research and develop hard capsule sizing treatment sealing machine and possess independent proprietary intellectual property rights. It is originally created pharmaceutical equipment with higher system integration degree, it has filled the gap of hard capsule sealing technology in domestic pharmaceutical industry and its globally initiated way of safety sizing treatment has even broken limitation of European and American hard capsule sealing technology. It can complete sizing treatment and sealing treatment for hard capsule and hard capsule filled with liquid, enable internally packaged drugs to always be in sealing status in process of packaging, storing, transport and sales and thus improve stability of capsules and safety of medicine-taking. In today when medicines anti-counterfeiting technologies are rapidly changed, such capsule sealing and packaging technology will re-promote medicines anti-counterfeiting technologies to a new height. With development and maturity of domestic and foreign hard capsule liquid filling technologies, liquid capsule production technologies have gradually replaced high-cost soft capsule production technologies. Success for research and development of hard capsule sizing treatment sealing machine has completely solved long-term existed such technical difficulty as sealing of liquid capsule and meanwhile, it has greatly met vast pharmaceutical enterprises’ higher requirements for medium and high ends of hard capsule preparations in terms of sealing, quality assurance and anti-counterfeiting.
    Working Principle:

    After materials of hard capsule are baited from hopper, capsule caps and capsule bodies are neatly aligned on conveying mechanism along the same direction by positioning mechanism, after passing through sizing treatment mechanism, connection place of capsule cap and capsule body is automatically coated with safety spill-proof glue (adopting secondary sizing treatment technology to ensure sizing treatment effect) by sizing treatment wheels, then they are naturally solidified in process of conveying mechanism’s reciprocating conveying and after product is rapidly dried, effect for sealing of hard capsule cap and capsule body will be achieved.
    Features of Product:
      1. It is of touch screen control, multi-system integrated and its degree of automation is higher;
      2. Conventional feeding and vacuum feeding are optional in accordance with applicable scene;
      3. Material-lacking overload is under automatic protection which can ensure materials’ smooth supply;
      4. Capsule’s baiting, orientation and in-place are accurate and speed can be controlled;
      5. Sizing treatment is even and secondary sizing treatment technology locks sealing effect;
      6. It adopts highly-sensitive temperature sensor, by which, temperature of glue box can be real-time controlled;
      7. Glue box adopts asbestos heat insulation for design, by which, operations are safe and reliable;
      8. It adopts precision pneumatic control system which ensures glue box’s working smoothly up and down and forward and backward;
      9. Glue box and machine body adopt separating and closing design, by which, it can be easily disassembled and easily cleaned;
      10. Its originally created function of capsule chain plate positive and negative conveying can effectively extend conveying distance;
      11. It adopts reciprocating conveying mechanism, it can be naturally dried which does not affect drug properties inside capsule;
      12. Its part contacted with drug is manufactured fully by stainless steel which conforms to GMP standard.
    Technical Parameters:
    Capsule specification 0-4#
    Capacity ≤ 40, 000 Granules/Hour (Water-soluble Sealing Materials)
    ≤ 50, 000 Granules/Hour (Non-water-soluble Sealing Materials))
    Power supply 220V/50HZ 2KW
    Temperature of water-soluble glue solution 30-40 centigrade
    Environmental requirements 25 centigrade and humidity of 45-75%
    Weight 1000 KG
    Dimensions 2000*700*1650mm