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  • Pure Steam Pulsation Vacuum Autoclave

    Item No.: LPMIE237
    This autoclave is suitable for pharmaceutical factory, hospital, scientific research institute and other units to sterilize and dry asepsis clothes, rubber goods, metal instruments, culture medium, etc.
    Pulsating vacuum sterilizer is strictly designed and manufactured in accord with GMP technical Standard. It has passed ISO9001 quality management qualification standard of Quality Management System for Medical Devices. It adopts PLC and man-computer interface automatic program control. The relevant data and curve can be saved and printed automatically. Have printer and recorder two sets of recording system control. This autoclave is suitable for pharmaceutical factory, hospital, scientific research institute and other units to sterilize and dry asepsis clothes, rubber goods, metal instruments, culture medium, etc.
    Technical Parameters:
    Automatic double doors
    316L stainless steel inner chamber
    Carbon steel jacketed
    Chamber size: 800×600×600mm
    Overall dimensions: 1100×1320×1700mm
    Control power: 380V 50 Hz,3kw,3 phase 5 wires
    Net weight: 800kg
    Design pressure:0.245Mpa
    Design Max. temperature:139℃
    Working pressure:0.22Mpa
    Working Max. temperature:134℃
    Heat Equilibrium:≤±1℃
    Vacuum: —0.09Mpa
    Steam source pressure:0.3-0.5Mpa
    Steam  consumption:10kg/cycle
    Pure Steam source pressure:0.25-0.35Mpa
    Pure Steam consumption:15kg/cycle
    Cooling Water source pressure:0.2-0.3Mpa
    Cooling Water consumption:150kg/cycle
    Compressed air pressure:0.5-0.8Mpa
    Compressed air consumption:0.1m³/cycle
    Structure characteristic and working principle
    (1) The sterilizer chamber is constructed from SUS316L.Internal surfaces are highly polished to facilitate cleaning. A stainless steel mesh strainer protects the drain port from blockage by debris. All product contact metallic surfaces should be constructed of SUS316L
    (2) The insulation material is made of Silicate board.
    (3) The autoclave adopts double door (front and rear). Both doors cannot be opened  simultaneously. Product will be loaded through loading door located in class D area and unloaded through unloading door in class B area.
    The door seal is a silicon rubber. On commencement of a process, the gasket is pressed against the rear face to the door by compressed air.
    (4) Pipeline system is consisted of air filter, vacuum pump, steam trap, pressure controller, etc. Operation is simpler and safer as well as maintenance and repair easy. All process piping in contact with the chamber is fabricated from SS 316L with argon welding. All non-contact piping is fabricated from SS 304 with argon welding.
    (5)Automatic control system adopts PLC and HMI. The color touch screen can to show the running process, sterilization parameters like temperature, pressure , sterilization time, etc. In addition, The sterilization data and curve will be printed out by the Micro printer. At the same time recorder output independent sterilization.
    (6)Safety valves: Safety valves are provided on the chamber and jacket.
    (7)Pressure gauges: Pressure gauges mounted in fascia are provided for:
    • Chamber pressure
    • Jacket Pressure
    (8)The system shall have an E-Stop mechanism designed to stop all physical movement of the equipment immediately.


    This autoclave is featured as standard with process cycles for dry loads, such as instruments, rubber goods, textiles, empty vials, filters, etc.
    We will preset many programs for customers.
    Possibility to add more programs cycles up to 12 program cycle by users. 
    All these programs are editable by users.
    - Bowie Dick test
    - Sterilizing program for textiles, such as clothes and medical packages.
    - Sterilizing program for instruments, empty vials and filters,
    - Sterilizing program for rubber goods
    - Sterilizing program for medium
    Configurations list:
    No. Name Model Manufacturer Remark
    Main body 01-00    
    1 Chamber 01-01   Made of  316L stainless steel
    2 Jacket 01-02   Made of  Carbon steel
    3 Sealing strip 01-03   Medical used silicon rubber
    Door 02-00    
    1 Door board 02-01   The inner surface is made of  316L
    2 Door motor 90YYT   Miniature single phase motor
    3 Trip switch 02-03 Taiwan tend Door positioning control
    Control system 03-00    
    1 Sterilizing software 03-01   Two working program which can be set up be by special configuration according to users requirements 
    2 PLC Cpu226 Siemens Reliable running, high stability
    3 HMI Smart700 Siemens Color, clear and reliable
    4 Micro printer WH-E WEIHUANG Small and easy to control, complete function
    5 Temperature detector PT100 JUMO Pt100,A level precision, temperature quilibrium≤0.15℃Pt100,
    6 Pressure transmitter MBS-3000 Danfoss, Denmark Excellent anti-jamming,high precision
    7 Pressure controller SNS series SAGINOMIYA Japan Reliable,performance,accurate control
    8 Electromagnetic valve 3V1-06 Taiwan
    Integration installation with manual operation, good performance
    9 Data recorder ARS AIRUISI Independent sterilization report output
    Pipeline system 04-00    
    1 Angle pneumatic valve 514 GEMU Germany Automatic adjustment, double sealing, can operate for 4million times
    2 Air filter FA series PALL USA Diameter 0.22μm
    3 Vacuum pump SK series   Quiet, high vacuum rate
    4 Pressure gauge Z-2   Correct instruction,convenient inspection and maintenance,beautiful and durable
    5 Safety valve A28H   High sensitivity
    Load system 05-00    
    1 Tray 05-01   2 units, made of 316L stainless steel